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About WriteTheWeb

News for web users who write back

What is WriteTheWeb?

WriteTheWeb is a community news site dedicated to encouraging the development of the read/write web. For too long software tools on the web have been about letting the few publish and the many read.

That tide is turning, and WriteTheWeb has been created to focus on bringing writing, annotation and authoring tools into the hands of web users, as well as examining the social implications of this change in the way the web is used.

"Write the web" doesn't just mean writing words, it means any time the web experience becomes two-way. On this site you'll find a correspondingly wide variety of subjects covered, from the technical and bleeding-edge to the more human side of web interaction.

Who runs WriteTheWeb?

WriteTheWeb was founded by Edd Dumbill. It has the following contributing editors (click on the names for more information):

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