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Articles concerning the syndication of content and services over the web.

RSS reader programmers: fix your referrer fields!

by Edd Dumbill -- 2003-02-03

RSS has a troubled enough history already with respect to "standards compliance," but the trend for RSS aggregators leave bogus referrer information is becoming immensely irritating.

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Micropayments: size matters

by Giles Turnbull -- 2001-01-11

Clay Shirky says that micropayments are doomed because

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Why micropayments won't catch on

by Giles Turnbull -- 2001-01-04

Micropayments have been widely predicted to be the future of making online publishing pay. But according to Clay Shirky, they're doomed to fail.

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A step forward for RSS

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000-08-15

A group of web developers has produced a proposal for RSS 1.0, the next generation of the lightweight headline syndication format originally devised for My Netscape.

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And you thought push was dead

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000-08-04

Just as memories of Pointcast and push technology were beginning to fade, one group of analysts says push has a future.

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Brew your own newswire

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000-06-22

Rael Dornfest from O'Reilly has announced Meerkat 1.4, the latest version of his headline service, which allows you to synthesize custom newsfeeds for your sites.

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Syndication and Metadata

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000-06-04

RSS is probably the best known metadata format around. RDF is probably one of the least understood. In this essay, published on my O'Reilly Network weblog, I argue that the next generation of RSS should be based on RDF.

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Syndication discussions hot up

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000-06-04

After a period of dormancy, the Syndication mailing list has become active again, with contributions from leaders in traditional media and Web syndication.

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by Giles Turnbull -- 2000-05-02

Whatever you're publishing on the web, your site name is the most valuable asset you have, according to Carl Steadman.

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Gnutella and Napster models for information distribution

by Simon St.Laurent -- 2000-04-27

Jesse Berst proposes that Gnutella, Napster, and their distributed architectures may

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zalde's Home Page

by zalde's Home -- 2004-02-25

zalde's front page

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