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Simon St.Laurent

Simon St.Laurent is an associate editor at O'Reilly & Associates and the author of several books on XML and Web topics.

Articles by this author

Watch those radical librarians

by Simon St.Laurent -- 2001-07-12

The Association of American Publishers seems to find libraries and the free sharing of information they promote to be dangerously radical stuff.

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Mailing list on Content Management Systems

by Simon St.Laurent -- 2000-07-27

Cameron Barrett announced a new mailing list to discuss Content Management Systems.

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WebDAV for Apache - mod_dav goes gold

by Simon St.Laurent -- 2000-06-13

mod_dav has been released, providing an Apache-based implementation of WebDAV, a set of tools for remotely editing and managing files on Web servers.

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Gnutella and Napster models for information distribution

by Simon St.Laurent -- 2000-04-27

Jesse Berst proposes that Gnutella, Napster, and their distributed architectures may

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