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Take It Further: QuickTopic grows up

by Giles Turnbull -- 2003/02/28

QuickTopic started life as Take It Offline, the idea being that users of mailing lists needed a simple tool for instant discussion of off-topic ideas.

But it rapidly became something far more than that. Now, 230,000 discussions later, people are using QuickTopic as an instant web tool for discussion, education, weblogging, even for making personal notes and to-do lists.

Thanks to the positive vibes about QuickTopic that have spread largely by word of mouth (word of web?), founder Steve Yost is on the verge of taking it one step further, by launching a Pro version of the software and an Enterprise edition, which Steve thinks could be more valuable to internal corporate knowledge sharing than weblogs.

It seemed daft to interview Steve for WriteTheWeb on the phone or by email, so we did it on a QuickTopic page. Read the full interview.