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Feeling lucky?

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/12/20

The greatest threat to webmasters and internet users in 2001 will be poor security. Are you prepared?

In the wake of a series of high-profile attacks, eWeek magazine is of the opinion that hackers will resort to ever more complicated and clever ways of bringing down sites - and, more worryingly, large localised chunks of the internet.

Instant messaging clients may well be a target for new worms, now that the don't-open-attachments message has begun to be absorbed by many users, rendering the email distribution method less effective.

And wider use of encryption techniques will make it easier for malicious code to sneak past network watchdog programs.

So the question for webmasters and site builders is, what can you do to improve security? Just how much time and effort is it going to take to create a secure web server environment? And will people think that spending the time to implement security measures is worth it?