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Free weblog hosting

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/09/04

Blogger has updated its free offering with the introduction of Blogspot, a free hosting service for weblogs.

The service is easy to subscribe to and integrates well with the Blogger interface. Users can switch their weblog from Blogspot hosting to their own hosting at any time.

Blogspot provides a selection of template designs so that even complete beginners can incorporate some kind of design.

But perhaps most interesting of all is the inclusion of banner adverts in each of these templates. At last, Pyra (the company that created Blogger) is making use of the viral nature of weblogs and attempting to generate some income from them.

Whether the present interest in weblogs lasts long enough, and generates enough traffic, for Pyra to make any significant amount of money from these banners, is another question entirely.


Discussion icon what about movabletype?

Posted by: Anonymous User at 2003-05-10

are they any good? or blogger or tblog???? Whats the dif?


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Posted by: davar at 2003-11-02

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Discussion icon Data Fridge web design

Posted by: Turtle at 2004-02-26

Datafridge Web Design


Discussion icon aetheri

Posted by: droogling at 2004-03-06

I personally use Aetheri