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New competitor for Moreover

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/08/30

EchoFactor is a new service, currently still in beta testing, that offers a headline-aggregating service similar to that of Moreover.

EchoFactor appears to take a different approach to Moreover, concentrating on signing up users of its services (providing content for webmasters, or providing traffic for content makers).

The EchoFactor front page limits itself to just two demonstration content feeds (called EchoFeeds), rather than the variety of news sources featured on the Moreover page.

At the moment, EchoFactor is trying to reach what it calls "enthusiast" web sites, and the available feeds feature celebrities, sports people, universities or US cities. The look of each feed can be customised with one-click "skins".

For more detail, take a look at an interview with CEO Joel Gehman at Techweb.