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Kmeleon - the Gecko browser for Windows

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/08/24

Kmeleon is a new web browser for Windows, which uses the Gecko rendering engine developed under Mozilla.

The application is designed to look much like Microsoft Internet Explorer, so that non-technical users will be able to start using it almost immediately.

But more interestingly, it's an extremely small package. The entire download, including Mozilla code, comes in at just under 3Mb - a very consumer-friendly size.

It's small in other ways, too. The browser is intended to be fast, light, and simple. There are no extras to bloat the software footprint, all it does is browse web pages.

But if the user comments about it are anything to go by, the software does the job very well.

So why is Kmeleon important? For several reasons: it's a consumer-oriented product of the Mozilla movement that seems to work reliably, and will not phase the typical web user who might not even notice the difference between different kinds of browser.

Secondly, despite the anguish about the fact on Slashdot, it's a Windows app, so it will run on most of the world's computers. And because it uses Gecko, it probably does the browsing job faster and more efficiently than older browsers.