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Opera 4.02 released

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/08/04

Opera Software has released version 4.02 of its web browser for Windows. The update boasts a number of new features, the company says.

Among them are:

E-mail client, 128-bit encryption, TLS, SSL 2, SSL 3, CSS1 enhanced, CSS2 added, XML added, HTML 4.0 added, HTTP 1.1 added, WML added, ECMAScript added, Javascript 1.3 added, Standards compliance enhanced, Cross Platform Core, Memory usage optimized, and Rendering speed enhanced.

As usual with Opera's products, there is a 30-day trial period, after which users have to pay to continue using the software.

With all the fuss about security holes in Microsoft's Outlook, Outlook Express, and Internet Explorer products, could this be a good opportunity for Opera to broaden its horizons and expand its audience?

Is the mass market of internet users ready for - or even expecting - alternative browsers?

The chances are slim. Microsoft's overwhelming dominance of the market continues, despite what the Department of Justice and the US courts have said. Splitting the company up won't remove IE5 from millions of desktops.

Lots of reviewers have had favourable comments to make about Opera in the past. If the company cannot afford to give away the browser, should it perhaps consider cutting the price?