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The web is a flat, rectangular place

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/07/04

Can comics work online? Expert comic reader Scott McCloud writes:

The web is still a very flat, rectangular place. Having escaped the restrictions of the page, artists still have to fit everything into rectiliniear grids, tables and image files.

In his opening article in a series of columns, McCloud paints a picture of comic artists trying to overcome the restrictions imposed by HTML and standard web design.

Of course, the column itself is entirely produced in graphic cartoon format, which makes it a lot easier to read and understand. It's a more engaging format than flat text.

This link was culled from Jakob Nielsen, who remarks on it:

Despite being (ahem) all graphics, this column is worth the download time and proof-by-example that it is possible to use visuals to overcome users' reluctance to read online. No blocks-of-text syndrome here.