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Are bloggers getting boring?

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/06/13

Jason Kottke has published strong opinions about the nature of blogging on his web site. He says that too many blogs are doing too much of the same. Is he right?

In his original article, Jason said:

I'm not reading anything new.

In a follow-up the next day, he added:

Right now, I'm bored with more of the same...I want something new, something off the beaten path.

Is Jason right to say Pyra is slacking? Has he got a point about the repetitious nature of weblogging?

Re-using material found on other people's weblogs has become commonplace. While some people might find it annoying, others find it helpful to see links they might otherwise have missed, or to see how memes have spread across the web.

Jason is right to demand more challenging web content. But should weblogs change their spots to accommodate his (and other people's) wishes?

Note: Jason makes it clear that he highlights this issue because he cares. WriteTheWeb is mentioning it for exactly the same reason. We feel this is something worth discussing. So please don't use our forums for flames.