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The web and text styles

by Giles Turnbull -- 2000/05/02

It's been four years since Wired published Wired Style, a dead-trees summary of how to write about the new economy and new media in a readable way.

Although the web site is starting to look suspiciously old, it's perhaps worth re-visting the idea of establishing in-house (or wider-reaching) style guides for the new lexicon brought about by the mass market internet.

Words tend to contract over time as they become more widely used. Capitalization tends to disappear as words become less formal. The question is, how does everyone agree on the same set of standards?

There are still many people who write "website" and not "web site", or who write "Internet" and not "internet".

No-one writes about "TVprogrammes" or "radioshows". Or even worse, listening to something on the Radio.

It's time "internet" settled down to equality with the rest of the available media, and lost all those self- important capitals.