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Above in this comment thread: What is a k-log? »


Discussion icon K-Logging Issues

Posted by: glenco at 2003-02-10

My view is that a "brain-dump" of business knowledge is better than no record of said knowledge at all - but it's bit premature to throw away organisation collections of content and communications just yet. (eg try Groove before throwing out Notes at least)

The crux of the matter is how to "organise" Blogs in a way that adds value without destroying their immediacy - Ontology or not ? If Ontology, what kind, based on what, content, communication, intent, subject, context, purpose, etc. If not, what ?

For me the critical fact is that the approach must be implicit, self-organising or evoltionary in the blogging process if it's value is to extend beyond any immediate pragmatic purpose or application, where the domain or context lends itself to a well pre-defined ontology.

Ian Glendinning / [email protected] /


Discussion icon Bottom up vs. Top Down

Posted by: haslhofer at 2003-09-10

We have gained some experience developing a "k-log application" here at Mind-Breeze, and found out that most users need some sort of starting point for "topics" related to blogs. Give a user between 10 and 30 inital topics closely related to a current project, and she will feel comfortable. If you don't provide any, you can be sure that a typical user will not start creating a bottom up ontology.

Gerald Haslhofer

[email protected]