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Controlling the moving image

by Giles Turnbull -- 2002/03/01

The movie industry wants to avoid getting Napstered at all costs. It is taking unprecedented steps to protect moving images from being digitally copied.

Dan Gillmor writes: In the name of preventing piracy, the entertainment moguls are treating every customer like a thief. They are herding us all into a pay-per-view system where we have no rights at all to use the material we buy as we see fit.

His article highlights a move among all media companies and producers of content: a realisation that digitising content makes it fluid. No-one else wants to get Napstered the way the record companies did.

The problem is that despite the record companies' complaints, they still make vast incomes from their recording artists. The arrival of MP3 has not made the dent in their profits that they would like us to believe it has.

With that in mind, do other media producers need to worry so much? Do they have another, less public agenda - to get as much money out of consumers as possible, by charging them for every use of every media production?