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by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/04/18 is a news aggregation service, like, but with a difference.

Clickfeed allows you to be your own editor, and collect news stories into your own custom feeds as you surf the web. Rather like activating Deepleap, you do this by means of a Javascript bookmark.

In a sense, "clickfeeding" is like very simple blogging. You find something of interest, hit a button, and add it into your feed, with optional commentary. Clickfeed goes further though, and allows you to add multiple self-generated feeds. Other people can subscribe to your feeds as well as the more mainstream ones already provided by Clickfeed themselves.

All this isn't a million miles away from the work on Meerkat at the O'Reilly Network, which also allows you to compose custom feeds. But the difference is that with Clickfeed, you can write back too.

One immediately useful possibility for Clickfeed that came into my mind was for generating "research trails". When I'm off investigating a subject on the web, I usually add a whole host of bookmarks and then end up with a jumbled mess. Clickfeed would allow me to create a custom feed for this research, and add annotation to the links.

Jeff Bone, creator of Clickfeed, says they've got more to come:

"This is really just the first set of features. We intend to offer feeds out as RSS / RDF for others to use on their websites; various prioritized delivery options, including e-mail, paging, and IMs; a variety of even more automated filtering techniques; and a variety of tools for using online news flow for research and analysis purposes."

Clickfeed isn't yet unique, but it's another interesting spin on the RSS and weblogging paradigm.