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Deepleap takes one

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/08/22

The party's over for web assistant company Deepleap. CEO Lane Becker mailed their registered users yesterday saying "Unfortunately, sometimes things just don't work out."

Deepleap's web-based assistant program enabled annotation, bookmarking and contextual e-commerce/search opportunities, via the use of a "bookmarklet". Of interest to metadata fans was their deepleap.xml file, which promised to get web site authors creating more site metadata. (See our Deepleap augments browsing experience with surfing tools story from April).

Sadly, things haven't gone quite right. Becker writes:

It's with a sad heart that we tell you the bad news: effective Friday, Sept. 1, 2000, Deepleap will be shutting down. Effective this Friday, August 25, we'll be permanently disabling the browser tool, but you will still be able to get your personal information off the site until the end of the month. But make sure you get it before Sept. 1, when we turn everything off and all the servers turn back into pumpkins.

Becker goes on to explain that if someone buys the technology, users will be asked if they want their data handed to the new owners.