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Should blogging pay? says it will

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/07/08 has published a feature on blogging, written by Biz Stone, who pitches blogging as grass-roots content reclaiming the Web.

Stone praises Blogger as the "best Web logging site there is", and describes his experiences combining Geocities with Blogger.

He then goes on to focus on how blogging might be made to pay. Dismissing Paypal as "interesting" yet "its allure may soon fade", Stone instead proposes a model where bloggers are paid for reviews and commentary:

So many bloggers already enjoy reviewing their favorite music, movies, and books that they hardly need incentives, but I can easily visualize a blogcentric affiliate industry enriching avid contributors with 15% commissions.

Whether blogging should be made to pay or not doesn't seem as clear cut as Stone paints it. Certainly companies like Pyra with their Blogger tool are building a reputation for their software out of blogging, but whether the average blog-owner even wants it to turn into a cottage industry is highly debatable.

Blogging is simply one step on the way to a web where more people have access to writing tools. Personal expression is the natural first means of using these tools, and a good proving ground for them. Rewards such as idea sharing, making friends, and belonging to a community can be reaped from running your own web site. These benefits are frequently more valuable assets than cash, and much more likely to be the reason that someone decides to self-publish on the web.