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New release of Amaya browser

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/07/05

The World Wide Web Consortium has released Amaya 3.2, the latest version of its editing and browsing tool.

New in this release is additional support for CSS, improved printing support, preliminary support for ftp:// URLs, and more MathML implementation. Support for simple links from XLink, the W3C's technology for expressing links in XML, is also included.

Amaya, which is open source, is able to switch seamlessly from browsing to editing HTML documents. It uses HTTP PUT to save content to web servers. Amaya upholds the original principle of Tim Berners-Lee's that a web client should be both a browsing and authoring tool.

However, Amaya will never be wildly popular, as it is to a large extent a piece of prototype technology, with limited resources. Yet it is still at the front of the pack as far as offering editing functionality is concerned, and as you might expect, it is meticulous with its standards support.

  • Amaya home page
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