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Brew your own newswire

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/06/22

Rael Dornfest from O'Reilly has announced Meerkat 1.4, the latest version of his headline service, which allows you to synthesize custom newsfeeds for your sites.

Meerkat aggregates headlines from sites around the web, using the RSS format for expressing headlines. You can then read pre-selected "flavors" of news (e.g. Linux, Wireless) or create your own permanent searches over the day's news.

The so-called Meerkat Mobs facility allows you to create groupings of stories as you find them. Meerkat allows you then to include the contents of your mob on your own site, via some simple Javascript inserted in your page, or via an XML interface which allows you to write programs to do things with your mob data.

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