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Chat-driven weblog from Monkeyfist

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/06/20

Daily Churn is a new weblog driven by the members of the Monkeyfist Collective, inwhich IRC chat content is used automatically to compose the weblog.

Kendall Clark of the Monkeyfist collective writes:

Thanks to the Smalltalk wizardry of Bijan Parsia, we now have an IRC bot that publishes, in real time, some of the valuable stuff that happens on our IRC server, some of which is actually quite interesting

The publication is managed via DiaLogWebBot, written by Bijan Parsia. The bot captures content from an IRC chat and publishes when told to "churn".

The resultant weblog represents snapshots of the conversation of the Monkeyfist team, the usual eclectic and grumpy mix.

As the IRC channel, irc://, is open to the public, you can drop in, talk, and add your content to the Daily Churn.