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Quickly add spell-checking to your site

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/06/07 offers a convenient way to hook spellchecking into an online editing environment. provides the level of functionality you might expect from a word processor--multiple languages, grammar checking--and is also HTML aware. It hooks into a web site by means of some JavaScript in conjunction with an HTML text editing area.

Various levels of payment are available, from free (with ads), $50 per annum (no ads), revenue share and site license.

Most tantalizing is Spellchecker's promise that:

Each word selected for SpellChecker's dictionary has been chosen to encompass the average English vocabulary and minimize error reports.

Despite its presumption that American English is the One True Language, looks as though it provides a useful service. That is, if spelling really matters online any more.

We'd love to hear your views on this service, or other comments on spelling and writing style in general. Just click the "Respond" link at the bottom of this article.