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Giving the world a pluggable Gnutella

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/06/04

WorldOS is a framework on which to build programs that work like Freenet or Gnutella -- allowing distributed applications using peer-to-peer routing.

So what does WorldOS buy for your applications? Simply, your programs can communicate in the same way that Gnutella does, by talking to its nearest "neighbors" on the network. This decentralized, grassroots, networking capability avoids difficulties associated with more conventional routing of Internet data.

This means that programs can easily be written which can be run distributed over many computers on the Internet, just by utilizing the WorldOS framework. The sample program "Hello, WorldOS" demonstrates this message passing with computers sending a civil greeting to each other.

What could be the impact of WorldOS for the Internet in general? It is related in a fashion to Tim Berners-Lee's vision of the "Semantic Web", where facts are littered across the Web, connected by URIs. With WorldOS it is the computers that talk to each other, rather than one computer gathering data and moving from place to place, but there is some definite synergy in the end result.