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Personal web server integrates file sharing and messaging

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/06/04

The Magi Project is an innovative project to create a combined personal web server and messaging system that enables the sharing and synchronization of information across desktop, laptop and palmtop devices.

Based on the Web standards HTTP, WebDAV (as used by Windows Web Folders) and XML, Magi can be integrated by programmers into their own systems, providing the benefits of messaging and buddy list access control for free.

On the project's What Can It Do For Me? page, the following uses are included:

  • Access a work file from home rather than emailing it back and forth to yourself--even if it's behind a firewall.
  • Edit in place an original file rather than managing multiple copies.
  • Drag and drop files between your work, home, laptop, and other Magi devices and manage the handoff of the files if they aren't immediately online.
  • Identify changes to files on a remote machine or laptop--even if it's using a dynamic IP dialup without it having to explicitly update to a shared server.

Other benefits are also identified. Magi is part of a growing wave of products that utilize the web server as their basic operation component (see, for instance, UserLand's Pike product), and also of the increasing wave of Web-distributed applications (e.g. WorldOS).

Magi is based on the Apache web server running Java servlets.