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Beyond Blogger: Pyra's collaboration tool

by Edd Dumbill -- 2000/05/01

Stating the Obvious has a feature on Pyra, the makers of Blogger, covering their meisterwerk, a web-based project management and collaboration tool.

Michael Sippey was impressed by Pyra's online teaming functions:

Since Pyra's on the web, it's designed to be collaborative from moment one... Once your team's in place, you can assign features, tasks and issues to them, and they can use Pyra's built in "add comment" feature to conduct inline discussions on very granular portions of the project.

Part of the rising tide of "online teamware", Pyra may prove a great complement to sites like Sourceforge, which provides tools for collaborative programming projects. Sippey believes that, as well as having obvious potential for managing disparate teams, Pyra will allow project managers to:

... spend their time on true value-add project activities like setting goals, fostering inter-disciplinary communication, prioritizing features, resolving issues and communicating with project stakeholders that aren't part of the core team.

Update: unholy ructions on Metafilter in response to Sippey's article.