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Discussion icon This standard...

Posted by: edd at 2003-02-03

aggregator is grabbing the RSS feed: there is no referer, it's just a URL that the aggregator has been told to fetch. Putting fake referer data in the request is just as much a sticking plaster as that to which you referred, perhaps worse, as it's wrong information

This is the situation I'm referring to in my article, yes. See the link to Kottke's bit. An empty referrer field is the right thing to do here.

aggregator user clicks on href in HTML display inside aggregator: what URL do you suggest as a referer when the HTML is locally rendered and is (for want of a better type) like a file:// URL?

I would guess that the URL of the originating RSS file would make sense there.

aggregator is web-based (e.g. there's no problem here as the web browser will send the appropriate referer URL information


Which web standard are you referring to here?

ps. suggestion: any chance that the original post is displayed above the comment form to provide context (i.e. so I can remember what I'm replying to)

Agreed it would be good, I'll have to dig in to Plone to see how easy it is to turn this one...


Discussion icon Oh, that standard

Posted by: qmacro at 2003-02-03


Ok, that standard. I thought you might be referring to some new fangled aggregator standard or something. Actually, re-reading the text in that link underlines the importance of not putting anything in there if it's not available (i.e. don't make things up):

"The Referer field MUST NOT be sent if the Request-URI was obtained from a source that does not have its own URI".

I'd got hold of the wrong end of the stick and thought you were saying that aggregators should be sending referer information, which is why I started wondering.